Sharad Chandra Karan Was borne on 20 Oct. 1967 on the occasion of Sharad Poornima in a typical Hindu orthodox family. His father late Shri B.C. Karan (M.A. Sanskrit, B.Ed.) Retd. Principal from State Govt. of M.P was having tremendous knowledge of Ved, Purana and Upanishada. His maternal grandfather Late Dr. M.L. Karan Retd. Principal State Govt. of M.P. spent seven year of his life with honorable Jagadguru Shankaracharya as his personal bilinguals from Sanskrit to Hindi. Sharad got ample opportunity to openly discuss on various subject spread on different religions with various spiritual masters during their visit to his home in his childhood.  S. C. Karan has been blessed and trained by various great spiritual Masters like Shri Deepak Karia , Brahmarishi Prem Nirmal, Vipassana Acharya Shri S.N. Goenka, Brahmarishi Subhash Patri, Sunyogi Swami Umashankar Ji Monima and many more Masters. S. C. Karan is a modern scientific-mystic & is known for his cutting - edge western scientific approach balanced by deeply insightful eastern wisdom. He is conducting lecture, seminar and practical workshops on following subjects.

  • Memory and Mind power.

  • Powers of Subconscious mind.

  • Super conscious mind.

  • NLP.

  • Hypnotherapy.

  • Kriya Kundalilni Yoga.

  • Aura Reading.

  • Astral Travel.

  • Life Death & Life after Death.

  • Swara Yoga.

  • Awareness Development.

  • Shri Vidya.

  • Sun Yoga.

  • Moon Yoga.

  • Meditation.


S.C. Karan can be contacted at following address to engage him for lecture, seminar and practical Workshop.


VG-02, Type 5,

HAL Township, Sunabeda -2,

Dist. Koraput, Odisha - 763002.


(M) +91-9235655515.

+91-9161777721 (WhatsApp and viber)



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